ponedeljek, 16. september 2013

Tangle teezer

I have long, curly hair. Since I live in the city, my scalp became greasy and in the last few months I noticed, that they started to tangle. Well, they tangled before, but now? I couldn't even brush my hair anymore!
That's why I always had my hair tied in pony tail.

So I figured it out, that I have only two options left: buy a really good hair brush or cut my hair really short. I mean, a boy style short.

My hair products in use are:
- Weleda rosemary shampoo (great for greasy scalp, but I think that it participated in hair dryness)
- Balea professional oil spulung ( didn't try it out yet)

Any my new, totally adorable Tangle Teezer brush! 

It came with Escada desire me free sample. 

First, I wanted to buy brush with UK flag on it, but was out of stock. So I bought this cutie with sheeps.

It brushes my hair really nice, although I have a feeling that  it doesn't detangle all my hair.